Planting Longleaf Pine Seedlings

We are booking trees for the 2013-2014 planting season, Call or contact us now to secure your order(s).

Thank you for choosing Whitfield Farms & Nursery for your seedlings, spraying, and planting needs. As part of our effort to provide the best quality seedlings and service, we use a Triple Tier Grading system for every seedling harvested. Whitfield Farms and Nursery packages seedlings for pick up or delivery.

Because most of this industry is subjective we "quote" all purchase and services. If you are in need of trees and/or planting services, please contact us for a quote or to order:

Whitfield Farms & Nursery
Containerized Longleaf Pine Seedlings
Owner F. Bennett Whitfield

2561 Lambs Bridge Road
Twin City, Georgia 30471

Cell: 912.682.4948
Fax: 478.763.3308


Things to let us know:

  1. Please let us know if you are picking up and or need shipping you desire at the time of purchase.
  2. If you are hsipping, where the product will be shipped.
  3. How many seedlings you need.
  4. When you need the seedlings.All spraying and planting will be done on a quote basis.

We require a 30% deposit for each order. The order will not be certified until the deposit is received in our office. Contact information Once we recieve the deposit we will contact you. We also require the final payment at the time of pick up, delivery or services rendered.

Note: All deposits are non-refundable.

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