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Long Leaf Pine SeedlingsWhitfield Farms & Nursery produces over 13 million containerized longleaf pine seedlings per year. In addition to its planting flexibility and adaptability, the containerized longleaf pine seedlings yields a greater economic return than many other crops. Why? A large part of the economic success of these crops is due to the containerized seedlings' advanced root systems. These root systems consistently yield survival rates over the 90th percentile, and often in the high 90s.

Another attribute to high yield is quality seedlings. To ensure excellence, each seedling is inspected using our Triple Tier Grading System 

Whitfield Farms & Nursery also offers spray services and state-of-the-art planting services.

A multiple generation farmer, Whitfield loveLong Leaf Pine Seedling Bare Roots farming. Having over 10 years experience in raising containerized Longleaf pine seedlings, and 20 years of crop farming, F.Bennett Whitfield Farms and Nursery's number one goal is "to provide the best quality seedlings and services." As you browse through our website, you’ll see how Whitfield Farms & Nursery has put its mission statement to work through top quality products, diverse services, and experienced personnel.

Whitfield Farms & Nursery is nestle in a south rural Georgia community, Twin City. Stop in and see us! We'll be glad to give you a tour of our facilities and equipment. Thank you again for visiting our website.

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